" In this universe the night was falling; the shadows were lengthening towards an east that would not know another dawn. But elsewhere the stars were still young and the light of morning lingered; and along the path he once had followed, Man would one day go again"

Arthur C. Clarke Against the Fall of Night

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Brian Michael Stableford (25 July 1948 – 24 February 2024)


Logically as one gets older the writers and entertainers you enjoyed over the years begin to pass away. Since January I learned that two of my favourites, Brian Lumley and Brian Stableford had died. I will address Brian Lumley on my HPL site, actually I will make note of Brian Stableford's death there as well as he was not stranger to the mythos. 


I learned of both deaths on the excellent site; 

Adventures Fantastic


And I have decided to include the comment I left there here.

"I have really enjoyed Stableford’s book from his Ace doubles, his HPL/horror themed works, his many science fiction series and his non fiction on the history of the scientific romance in both English and French literature. I have even picked up a number of his French translations. I love the way he incorporated genre and literature characters in many of his works. His Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of Eternity was both engrossing and confusing. I felt the first book of his Morgan’s Fork trilogy really provided a glimpse of his writing process although I did not like the last two books in the series."

I do plan to read more Stableford and hopefully discuss my observations here.

discussed Stableford's "The Growth of the House of Usher" earlier, I also read a longer version of this story but I prefer the version found in Interzone.


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  1. What are your favorite Stableford works? I can't say I am the biggest fan.... I think we've talked about him in the past.