" In this universe the night was falling; the shadows were lengthening towards an east that would not know another dawn. But elsewhere the stars were still young and the light of morning lingered; and along the path he once had followed, Man would one day go again"

Arthur C. Clarke Against the Fall of Night

Sunday, October 22, 2017

London Trip 2, SKOOB BOOKS, New Arrivals

More goodies from Skoob books.

I loved Niven's Gil Hamilton of ARM short stories, so I was 
excited to find he had done a novel. But I found it overly 
complicated for the length, with a poorly developed ending. 
But this Orbit edition has a great cover by Peter Jones.

A version of the full wrap-around cover photographed by 
the Unsubscriber can be found here.

The City of the Sun. 1980 cover by Tim White

I have read Shaw excellent short story "Light of Other Days"
so I grabbed this book on "slow Glass", cover uncredited.

How could I resist, Dick and a tentacled horror, 
cover by Gino d'Achille.

This copy of the Star Surgeon which Helen found for me, 
has a great but uncredited cover illustration. 

I loved everything about these two Pan editions, especially
the covers which are sadly uncredited.

No matter where I go Frank is there. 
The Dragon in the Sea, NEL 1969, cover Bruce Pennington.

Wrap-around version; 

I was hoping I might find copies of Ian Miller's covers for 
Lovecraft's books but I am very happy with this Herbert.
The Unsubscriber has published a number of posts
on his love for the cover art of Ian Miller. This link
contains a photo of the full wrap-around version of this title.

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